We are 100% halal, shun intensive livestock farming. We're happy to say that our meat comes from
animals raised in healthy, natural environments.
Pure and natural, our range is sourced for homegrown British and Irish provenance with strong animal husbandry at its heart. All our lamb, beef, chicken and deli meats benefit from traceability, from farm to fork. We offer the highest standards of quality control in our selection.
We ​care about the principles of halal and tayyib and monitor our supply chain to offer you peace of mind so you can relax and eat healthy, halal meals with your family.  All our sheep, cows and free-range chickens can be traced via labels to the abattoir where they were slaughtered by licensed halal professionals and more often than not, to its very farm of origin. The provenance of our top-grade meat is viewed as second-to-none by customers and we intend to keep it that way.
With our sharp focus on provenance, traceability and hygiene, we aim to make your life easy by bringing convenience and fresh halal meat right to your door so you can relax and just enjoy mealtimes with family and friends.