Our values

Well sourced, premium quality meat can enhance your physical and spiritual wellbeing.
Halal refers to action or behaviour that is permissible in Islam, such as the types of meat and preparation methods which are acceptable​. Our butchers take time and follow strict procedures and our produce benefits from clear labelling – allowing for traceability – and is accredited by certified halal food bodies. Our range is also prepared and stored in a safe, hygienic space designed to eliminate cross-contamination.

Clean, clearly labelled counter-displays focus on the provenance and traceability of our premium fresh meat range. This is so important as factory farmed animals spend their entire lives in horrific conditions, cooped up with their disease-ridden counterparts waiting for death as release. The industry causes undeniable suffering while halal — or rather the notion of tayyib — in some way seeks to rectify this, requesting that animals...

  • are raised in a humane and wholesome environment
  • are not mishandled, stressed, or caused discomfort during travel
  • do not feel stress or fear before death
  • are not killed due to continuous pain or injury
  • are killed away from the view of other animals